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Here's an interesting twist I couldn't find anywhere else in the forums... And for the record, I'm using an iPhone 4S with iOS 6.0 and a brand new MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.2


When I edit a calendar item on my iphone (for example to change the time of the item by either dragging it or opening the item and changing the start/end times), The item duplicates itself without saving the changes I just made. The duplicates show up on my Macbook Pro as well.


If, on the other hand, I edit the calendar item on my MBP, it works perfectly.


I should also mention that it seems to happen exclusively with repeating events.


This is, of course, really annoying, particularly since I need to make schedule adjustments on the road on a daily basis.


Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?



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    Any help out there?


    Additional symptoms: When I change an event on my iphone, it appears as changed for a few seconds, then snaps back to the original time before the change.


    If I delete an event, it disappears for a few seconds, then reappears again.


    Changes in iCal work just fine and sync properly to my phone.


    This is frustrating... I can't edit any events on the road!