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Hi everybody,


When i tryed to enroll i didnt know that i needed a DUNS Number. I paused my enrollment and after couple of days i got my DUNS Number, but then when i entered all the details in the form it wont proceed.



I try two days now to enroll and unfortunately i am stack in the first stage of the enrollment of the iOS developer program (where i enter my DUNS Number etc).



In detail what happens is that after i enter all the details correctly and press Continue it shows me an error message that says :


We are unable to process your request . Please go back to the previous page, or quit your browser and try your request again. If you require assistant ,please contact Apple Developer Support.



At this stage i did all the suggested moves but still nothing. I even tried with another e-mail account to open a brand new account but even with the new account the same problem occurs.


Can someone give a hint here.


I mean if i am stack at the first stage of the enrolment, WHAT COMES NEXT ? MORDOR ?

Developer Program Enrollment Proble