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I hope someone can offer a suggestion. I downloaded from "somewhere??" an outline of how to use the Nano as a hard drive - to copy the itunes folder over to it and also gave instructions for hen attaching to the new computer and moving the itunes folder over with all my music.

Made a couple of attempts till I seemed to get that part right but on my new mac when I open itunes none of the songs are in the library. When I check where the library supposedly retrieves its info from everything looks okay. I can open the itunes folder in My Music and the songs all appear to be there but for some unknown reason aren't showing up in itunes.

I was lucky I did not turn automatic updating back on so I still also have the songs in my ipod - as well they still also seem to be appearing in itunes on my PC.

Could this problem have anything to do with trying to transfer from a PC to a MAC??

Please help!

ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.4)