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I was wondering if anyone could guide me through the necessary steps of purchasing a thunderbolt cable and possible adapter that would enable me to use an additional monitor. I have browsed the web for possible solutions and find myself still befuddled by the sheer complexity of the thunderbolt port.


I have a Macbook Pro 17 inch model purchased last year.


This is what the port on my Macbook Pro looks like (I took this picture from an external source...hope no one minds):





Again, I am wondering how I could connect this via hdmi to a monitor/tv.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6
Solved by clintonfrombirmingham on Oct 10, 2012 3:58 AM Solved

You just need a Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. I bought this one from Monoprice. Carries video and audio (for the MBP that you have).



Reply by Ralph Landry1 on Oct 10, 2012 4:02 AM Helpful

A Thunderbolt port can be attached to an HDMI TV via a Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable...Apple does not make that cable but does offer them for sale.  I bought one last Saturday at an Apple store, Kanex Mini-DP to HDMI 10 ft Cable, Part Number H4637ZM/A, $44.95.  I was uncertain about how this would work with the TV so I also bought the Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter-INT, Part Number MB572Z/B, $29.00 just in case.


The cables connect to the Thunderbolt/Mini-DisplayPort, and you then have to select System Preferences > Display and use Mirroring or not according to how you want to operate.  That should show up under Displays and the Arrangement button top center of that window.

Reply by Ralph Landry1 on Oct 10, 2012 4:20 AM Helpful

There should be only one Mini-DisplayPort configuration since it is an Apple thing...same port as Thunderbolt, but third-parties may not be correctly identifying their cables.


Give the Apple store or on-line store a try...what they sell will fit.


Also see:


Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters


Thunderbolt ports and displays


for FAQ info on the ports and adapters.

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