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I already found an archived discussion (https://discussions.apple.com/message/10356039#10356039) which explains my server issue.

Anyway I will write some further thoughts down here and I don't use VPN.


Our company with about 40 (Lions, Mountain Lions and Snow Leopards) employees runs a Xserve with Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.

The problem I have consists of the File Sharing Service over AFP and/or SMB (I tried them both).


Most of our clients have no issues connecting with Finder to the file server and mount shares.

But a few of them have issues regarding the connecting time (~1–2 min.) until a share is mounted successfully.

After the connection is established there are no further performance issues.

Anyway this waiting time is annoying.


I don't really know whether this is a server or a client issue.

The issued clients are OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion respectively.

What I already tried was creating a new user on one issued machine, but didn't help.


I'm looking forward to get some support with this.

Thanks in advance.




Delivery Boy

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 15 GB RAM