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I am starting out using a new OD master and and using profile manager with it.  I think it is setup correctly.  I can apply profiles to the clients if I apply them to the device itself.


My issue is that our server is bound to Active Directory but I cant profile manager to show active directory users.  I can see the active directory groups but they have no members.  What is doubly weird is that if I double click a AD user in Server app that user will temporarily pop up in profile manager, but if I close profile manager thew user disappears never to return again.


does anyone have any thoughts as to where I can look to resolve this?  I can open up WGM and see AD users and groups just fine.  I miss WGM...

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    I've found that by using the workgroup manager you can add active directory users to the com.apple.access_devicemanagement group which in turn forces them to show up in the users list of profile manager.


    You can add a group, but while the users of that group will be able to authenticate and enroll devices they will not show up in the user list. it seems this group does not expand group membership to extract members of groups. You can add the users one by one and they will appear.


    I've found that bug, the inability to view group membergroup, to also be apparent throughout profile manager. In the groups area it cannot view any membership list of any group despite the fact that workgroup manager can quite eaisly.

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    I'm having the same exact problem.  Profile Manager sees all of my AD groups, but reports they have no members.  Settings actually DO get pushed to members of those groups, but no users show up at all.


    The only exception for me is that users show up when they initally enroll a device.  The next time you log-in the Profile Manager, they're gone.

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    Hi, i've found the 'Bug'...


    If the Users are only within 'Domain Users' they are not shown in Profile Manager Groups or Users.


    Create a Testgroup, put some Users in there, refresh Profile Manager and voila. If you want to use it with Profile Manager, you have to give "Profile Management" Rights within Server.app to this Group.


    Christian B.

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    I've seen an Apple support document listing a handful of commands to paste into terminal if you want this to work.