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I have a sim card that requires an APN settings but in IOS6 there is no longer an option for APN settings. why is it? is IOS6 supose to recoganise any sim card wothout APN settings?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Hi there,


    this is not related to the version of iOS installed. Whether or not the cellular data settings are visible is determined by the carrier. If these settings are no longer / not visible, the corresponding parameters are automatically set by the carrier.


    If there is a malfunction with Internet access, try resetting the network settings under "Settings; General; Reset; Reset Network Settings" and restart your iPhone afterwards.


    Hope this helps,



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    Thank you for a quick answer


    BOB Austria is a carrier that has a "pay as you go" sim card and it has a very clear instruction to set APN settings before you can use it.


    my freind has 5.1.1 and he was doing the APN settings with this som card thorugh his iphone, as it is an option that exists in 5.1.1

    i have upgraded to IOS 6 and in the new software the APN setting is no longer an option.


    So if a carrier asks for APN setting for the sim card how can i set APN wothout this option on IOS6?

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    Thank you

    but from reading this you can see it not gives a soloution for IOS6 users. unless you use the iphone configuration utility that is for advanced users.


    so Apple just decided to remove this option from the menu.

    too bad.


    So i hope that when i will be in austria the sim will be recognised and work. ( maybe IOS6 can do it somehow automaticly)

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    Hi there,


    that is good question. I don't know how to edit settings that are not visible, but I have just checked again to be sure, the cellular data settings page does exist in iOS 6 as well.


    I have two iPhone 4S here  with pospaid german SIM cards, the first from Vodafone, the other one from T-Mobile. With Vodafone those settings are visible, with T-Mobile they are not.


    You could try to reset network settings, under "Einstellungen; Allgemein; Zurücksetzen; Netzwerkeinstellungen" and restart your iPhone afterwards. Maybe then this menu page will turn visible.


    Hope this helps,



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    I ahve at&t prepaid and paid for the 1gb of data.  Not working on prepaid as you are not allowed.  Unlockit is great.  But I ihave to have data or wifi to change the setting even with the apn app they install.  So not good if like I goto costco as they have no data.  And there is no way to enter the apn setting or change it to cingular.wap.  So I tried out tmobile and just got the 10 dollar card to test it out.  It has a apn setting.  So I finally figured it out.  Same as in the abvlove link.  But after swapping sims back to be at&t got to be quick Cellular Data Network is still there but only for 2 seconds.  Change it and then afterwards it disappears so you can't change back.  But once its changed you don't need it anymore and you're on.  And no data needed in the first place too get the change.  Totally works.



    1. Close all opened apps

    2. Place T-Mobile sim in iPhone

    3. Open Settings, General, Cellular, Data Network

    4. When Data Network Appears ( the screen will move back to Cellular)

    5. Swap T-Mobile Sim to Straight Talk Sim

    6. Wait for the “NO SIM” splash to disappear

    7. Press Cellular again and Data Network should still be there.

    8. Go to Settings and make sure the information below is entered.

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    @wjosten Not helpful. The configuration utility does not have all of the necessary settings for configuring APN and MMS proxy settings.

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    With my recently unlocked AT&A iphone 4.  I did a backup and then a restore through iTunes.  I now have all the APN settings available under General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.  I'm also running iOS 6.0.1.


    I had to do General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


    To unlock my phone I contacted AT&T and they authorized the unlock.

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    My sister has a iPhone 3GS that uses Straight Talk, she was able to do voice and text with no problem, but not able to do data.



    I found the needed information on Straight Talk's website: - look under the FAQ section



    Essentially, you need to add a new APN profile via Wi-Fi with Straight Talk's settings that can be found at


    @gooober, You could also use iPhone Configuration Utility to enter your APN settings yourself by creating a new configuration profile, but too much work -  I think this is what wjosten was saying.





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    what company ur trien to use on ur phone

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    To modify the APN settings there are two steps:


    1) Settings > Carrier > Automatic (turn off)

        wait for list of carriers to appear then select appropriate carrier from list shown


    2) Settings > General > Cellular (scroll down to bottom) > Cellular Data Network > now modify settings


    Tested on my iphone 3gs at ios 6.0 against vodafone while on a trip to Germany

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    Thanks jts, it worked for me

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    Thanks jts_2002, that also worked for me using my Truphone Tru SIM on my iPhone 4S in iOS 6

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