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How do you do Share My Desktop in Messages.  I help a few friends with problems on their Macs and I used to use iChat.


Can't quite dope it out in Messages.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    That doesn't do it for me.  It just gives me my Buddy List and that doesn't seem to work anymore. E.g., I was Messaging with a pal who is on that Buddy List and his entry there never lit up:  no green camera.


    He explained the way to do a Share My Desktop/Screen sharing was to type the name of the person whose screen you want to share into the Messages To: box, then, when contact is established, click on the camera icon next to that To: box. 


    Worked just fine.


    How do you get the old Buddy List to "light up" showing the person with whom you are exchanging Messages?