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Imd.Ben Level 1 (0 points)

Hi, the name is Ben


Recently, I boought a retina display and have since been having noticeable eye problem.

(strain, fatigue, oversensativity to computer monitor/screen ligthing)


My question was, has anyone been experiencing the same.


I use my computer pretty much all day, since my work/studies are all based on it.


Still, after 2 weeks of using retina display macbook pro, I have rapidely seen my eyes

starting to hurt, being oversensitive to computer monitor (not that I can't use any, but am

very sensitive to any lighting and need particular moderation in usage)


Now true, there ARE many good habits I did not know of before,(see some examples below)

that I am trying to adopt but still (reducing only in part the problem), I must say I am rather worried,

since I have never had any similar problem in 5 yearsof using my previous 13", macbook, mid 2007.



Any commments, or suggestion  (constructive of course) would be welcome.





(few examples of of good habits  I have tried so far)

as regularly standing (/30 min),

look at something far away for 20 second (/20 min), blinking regularly, closing eyes for a moment,

adjusting lighting in work environnement, buying an antiglare film or device (nushield) , adjusting screen position,

not working to close to screen, using bigger fonts

  • sig Level 8 (35,785 points)

    You could have returned it before the two week period ended.

  • Easton1813 Level 1 (5 points)

    Wow! Really constructive response there, sig. In checking your responses to other threads I can see they are equally as helpful.


    Ben, I had a similar issue with my eyes and the display as you've been experiencing. What worked for me was to turn down the brightness of the display a few ticks from maximum. It's almost as if the display is so sharp and contrasty that my eyes had trouble focusing due to, for lack of a better phrase, a halo-ing effect with text.

    Don't get me wrong. The display is gorgeous and the best I've ever seen or owned but at maximum brightness, especially in a reduced lighting environment, it's overload for my eyes. It's not the displays fault but rather my old crummy eyes.

    I also invested $15 in a cheap pair of reading glasses which has also made an improvement.


    Turn the brightness down a few ticks and let us know if that helped.

  • sig Level 8 (35,785 points)

    "I also invested $15 in a cheap pair of reading glasses which has also made an improvement."


    Wow! Really constructive suggestion there Easton1813. Cheap for your eyes is good. Don't recommend it for others.

  • anashed Level 1 (0 points)

    I did what easton told you about reducing the screen brightness and now my eyes are not strained

  • jlauve Level 1 (0 points)

    @Imd.Ben, anashed and Easton1813:


    I've had this same problem for about two years now with my 59 year old eyes (how in the world could THEY be the problem?)  and a 15" MBP mid 2009 which of course is not retina display. I can work all day on my iPad and my iPhone, and on my MBP when plugged into several brands of 23" monitors at home and work spaced at about 34" (864 mm) from screen to eyes.


    However, an hour on my MBP by itself (someone else's office, a hotel room, an airplane, my lazy sofa) and my eyes lose the ability to focus --and I'm toast.


    I too find helpful the tips you three kindly recount. Still, I sure wish there were a magic bullet which made everything like it used to be back in the day (2009).


    (PS: @Sig:You're sounding pretty much like a 12 year old troll around here. Not saying you are one. Just saying that you pretty much sound exactly like one. Thought you might wanna know, 'specially if that's not how you intend to sound...)

  • jlauve Level 1 (0 points)

    Also, for whatever it's worth:

    • My iPad is first generation, so of course not retina
    • My iPhone is 4, so yes retina
    • And as stated, MBP is mid 2000, so of course not retina
  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    an hour on my MBP by itself (someone else's office, a hotel room, an airplane, my lazy sofa) and my eyes lose the ability to focus --and I'm toast.



    Ok, I'll explain why.


    First off your iPad and iPhone screen is smaller, thus doesn't reflect as much as a larger display will.


    Your other displays are in a static environment where you have reduced the glare or it's been reduced just by chance.


    When you take the glossy screen laptop to another location without adequate environmental features to reduce glare imposed (no overhead lights, closed windows, low light etc.) on the screen, thus your getting eyestrain from the glare.


    It's caused by the slightly out of focus reflections verses the screen image, your eyes are automatically refocusing between the two images.


    Your solution in this matter is to apply a anti-glare film to the laptops glossy screen, unfortunately it's going to cost money and be replaced often as it gets dirty, dries out and peels at edges etc.


    Ideally a anti-glare matte screen would be the choice in the first place. I use my Mac for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and don't have the eyestrain problem anymore.

  • jlauve Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your great advice. It's sure worth a try. I'll take a whack at it and respond here.

  • rinnner Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Ben.

    Glad to read your post.  I have the same concerns...


    I have excellent eyesight.  I am 43, but have had no problems with my eyes or sight.  Recently (November) purchased the rMBP, and have noticed that my eyes will not find sharp focus for quite a while after I have used my rMBP or iPad (3 - also purchased in the fall). I would have thought it was a problem with using computers in general, but I was using a 2009 MBP for four years prior to this on a daily basis with no problems, and an iMac for three years before that - no problems.  It is not just a slight blur that clears up after a few minutes.  It is as if my eyes can't hone in on something and focus for quite a while. This is something I have never experienced.  Annoying, because as I said - never had any eye problems.  The age issue, of course, left me wondering.  But if it were natural changes due to aging, I would probably notice it happening in other lighting situations.  It is glaringly noticeable after I turn off my electronics and move onto something else. And I eat plenty of carrots, in case anyone was wondering.

  • jrlink711 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello rinner, I have just read your post and have the exactly the same issue. I sort of feel like the retina display is so sharp that the eyes see anything else after that as blurry....any ideas how to deal with this issue? It's really a shame since the display, indeed, looks very crisp, fonts are smooth, and graphics are beautiful. The problem is long term useability. I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks

  • sr bettyann Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iPad 3 with retina display andI have the same problem with burning eyes despite setting for brightness turned low.  I visited the Apple Store and discussed the issue and was surprised to learn that Apple does not make a matte finish anti-glare screen for iPad 3.  Do you have any suggestions about who manufactures anti-glare film and where to purchase?  Any alternate solutions. Thanks so much for helpful hints. Betty Ann

  • lmmsjeps Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had the Retina Macbook Pro for about three months and my eyes now have majore problems all the time.  I have used a sony vaio solidly for about 4.5 years, prior to that a Dell, and HP, etc.  Never, never have had any eye problems until getting the Macbook Pro Retina.  I have been to the doctor and they diagnosed me with peosterior vitreous month ago, it was only in my right eye.  Now it is in the left too.  Could lead to blindness if it doesn't get better.  Again, I have never had any problems until getting this computer.


    All I can say is that it is not worth it and the MBP Retina is not a thing I would recommend to anyone who has to spend more than aobut an hour a day on a computer.  Don't go blind like I am doiing because of this computer.


    Like the others, it started with eye strain and rapidly progressed to much worse.  My vision is almost constantly blurred.


    Telll your family and friends to avoid this problem by avoidning this computer.

  • akch Level 1 (0 points)

    "Like the others, it started with eye strain and rapidly progressed to much worse.  My vision is almost constantly blurred."


    Likewise, my vision too, not contantly blurred, but it has gone down quite a bit, (after the initial eye strain).

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