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Yesterday, a local Apple Store finally got the iPhone 5 I had been looking for in stock for Personal Pickup the next day.  When I received the email saying that the phone was ready to pick up, it also said at the bottom: "In most cases, the primary account holder on your wireless plan must pick up your iPhone. The primary account holder is the person whose billing information is linked to the wireless plan.  If you're upgrading or replacing an iPhone, however, another authorized user on the account may be able to pick up the order. Please contact your carrier to verify authorized users."  I've been searching around the Internet and only found articles about AT&T iPhones, but not Verizon.  I'm not authorized on the account but my mother, who is coming with me, is and my father is the account holder.  I know all the account info, and the phone was purchased in my mothers name.


Will there be an issue picking up my Verizon iPhone without having the primary account holder there?  Has anyone else gone through this?



Solved by bmgpictures on Oct 10, 2012 9:36 AM Solved

If you preordered for pickup, then the person who ordered has to get it.  IF she's going to BUY it off the shelf, then yes ANYONE can do that.  But the Verizon account holder will have to set it up as a new device with the carrier.  Sorry  Did more research.