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I am relatively new to Aperture (few months) and recently did the upgrade to 3.4.1 as requested by the program.


I have the Vault feature active on an external hard drive and regular backups on another internal drive.


In brief, I tried to import photos and "suddenly" many of my recent photos and albums were no longer in the Library (folders, projects, Smart Albums, etc.). I'm sure that I did nothing different during the attempted import. I tried the restore function with the Vault but it "hung up" after getting almost to the end of the process - no success. I haven't cone anything else so far for fear of losing more stuff...



1. Is this another problem with 3.4.1?


2. Can I just open the Vault file and remove/extract/retrieve the missing stuff I want? (or is it in some sort of compressed, "don't mess" format?)


Suggestions welcomed!




Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)