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My new iPhone 5 had terrible battery performance.  Terrible.  Not even close to the performance guaranteed by Apple when the phone was introduced.  And much worse than my iPhone 4.  I finally took it in to the Apple store, they ran a test, and said the battery was defective.  They gave me a new phone on the spot.  I was really impressed.


Problem is, that phone performs exactly the same.  I read the other postings on this site, and saw that they reccomended setting it up as a new phone, not updating from the previous.  I did that. 


This is really bad folks.  Every time I use the phone for anything, I see the battery drop.  Text message?  It drops 1 percent.  Phone call?  One percent.  Siri inquiry?  Bloop...one percent.  I can literally watch as the battery drops before my eyes. 


Streaming video from netflix:  It was a 20 minute episode of "The Office".  Dropped the battery by 11%.  No way you could watch a real movie on this phone. 


I have yet to do ANYTHING on my iPhone 5, where I didn't see the battery drop.  Read an email?  battery drops.


Does Apple read these?  This really needs to be fixed.  I have had iPhones since day one of the first one.  This is far and away the worst.  And I will absolutely return this phone if they can't assure me that it can be fixed.  REALLY disappointed.


I am an Apple lifer.  I have never owned a Windows computer.  But I am SHOCKED at this.