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Not sure when to charge the ipad.....does it hurt to get too low? Or to leave it on the charger for a long  time?

Reply by Kilgore-Trout on Oct 10, 2012 11:16 AM Helpful
Charge it when it needs to be charged. The level it is reduced to is really not relevant. EXCEPT, it is recommended that every so often you let it run down to nearly empty before charging it, but only to help keep the meter calibrated. Do keep in mind that at a certain point when the battery is low it will shut down (like any electronic device) and if you are in the middle of something you could lose unsaved work or data. As for how long you leave it plugged in, not an issue really. I would recommend not leaving it plugged in for extended periods (if you leave it behind while on vacation, for example), but that has more to do with general safety than the iPad itself.

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