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I have just created an itunes account and purchased music from it for the first time from my ipad. However, the music is only showing in the purchased area of itunes and not in my library. How do i get it into the library? Also, I am trying to share it with my iphone, but I can't find a way of authorising the phone, so it won't share. Maybe this will be resolved if I can get the music into my library....Any ideas? Thanks

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Why was a new account created on the iPad to purchase content?  The iPad should be using the same account as your other iOS devices.


    Regardless, you will need to authorise the computer for this new account by going to Store > Authorize Computer.

    Then purchases can be transferred from the iPad to the computer.

    Once on the computer, they can be synced to the iOS device which will then require authorization for the account.