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I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion due to forced migration from me.com to iCloud. I have the 2.4 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo model with 4 gb ram and never had problem with speed, etc.  However machine is now sluggish since upgrade, takes longer for apps to come up, and if apple mail and chrome working, hard to get multi-task with other applications.


Would up-grade to 8 ram help, and can I get from someone like RamJet?

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    One check to see if more memory would help for what you run is to look at the Activity Monitor (on your hard drive in applications/utilities or on Launchpad under utilities) and look at the system memory tab, specifically at page ins and page outs. If page outs are greater than page ins by 10% to 15% then more memory would help performance for what you run. A page out occurs when there's not enough memory available, so OS X writes some of the memory to the hard drive to make room for something else. Too much of that can impact performance. Note the values reset when you reboot.


    If you decide you need more memory, OWC and Crucial are two recommended sources for quality memory.

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    I took a look per your suggestion, pages out is literally a big '0', even with chrome, apple mail and word opened. If I understand you correctly, that means still have plenty of ram....


    Any other possible reason for sluggish performance - I realize my particular model is the earliest one that will support Mountain Lion - so probably just the limitation of the older CPU?

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    Another consideration is free disk space. If you have less than 9GB, or generally 10% or less of disk capacity, that can really slow things down.


    Ensure that any program listed at the bottom of the System Preferences window and in your login startup items are all current to run under 10.8. I've seen operating system upgrades before with older code that didn't behave well with the new system.


    Boot with command and r keys held down to boot into recovery mode, and repair the hard drive and permissions.


    Reset the SMC.


    If those steps don't make things better, let me know.

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    Thanks, will work on this tonight. 


    In the meantime, was exchanging emails with Crucial as couldn't find the right ram modules. They advise my model maxed out at 4gb -- I went to www.everymac.com and read that with OS 10.6 or higher, could go as high as 8gb?

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    Crucial is quoting what Apple specs say. However, if you look at OWC, you'll see they confirm that your model can go to 8GB.

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    Thanks, just ordered with OWC. Ram is relatively inexpensive and I have 14 day window to return while I troubleshoot via your guidelines. Many thanks.

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    The 8 gb upgrade seems to have worked, will know after a few days.


    OT - would you have recommendation for HD upgrade. Currently have the original 250gb and would like to upgrade to either 500 or 750 gb.  Thanks

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    For those larger sizes, I recommend, and also use, Western Digital Scorpio Black drives. You can check reviews on newegg.com and amazon. They have a 5 year warranty, which is getting rare these days as vendors shrink their warranties. 

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    Many thanks for your help. Both the additional Ram memory and new 750gb HD has improved things!


    OT - getting the 4 screws off the old HD to new HD was a bear. Only able to get 3 of 4 screws to new HD.