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I'm in the market for a new camcorder.  I want 1080p w/ HDD. Seamless upload to iMovie-11.  Good lens (30x Op) Budget is around $500.  What are my best options?

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    You can narrow it down from these lists:


    iMovie 11 - cameras supported:




    iMovie 9 - cameras supported:



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    Thanks for the list.  However, I have already seen it and found a lot of possibilities, but no real advantage of one over another.  Also, what does this comment mean " iMovie does not support footage recorded in 1080-60p from this Camcorder"?  Is Sony producing camcorders that are beyond iMovie?  Also, what is the best format?  I've seen articles railing against the AVCD, but are MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 the better way to go?  If so, why?  Lots of product out there with varying prices and features.  I was hoping that someone had already researched the subject and could provide some insight into what is really important.  I just want an easy to use HD camcorder that works well with iMovie and doesn't cost a fortune.  Any thoughts?





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    are MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 the better way to go?

    No. mpeg2 is the final delivery compressed version of a standard DVD and is not intended for editing.


    Not all versions of iMovie can handle 1080-60p footage.


    It really isn't possible to advise you further, as I am not familiar with every video camera on the market, or even with the capabilities of every version of iMovie!


    Best way forward? Find a camera that appeals to you, check if it works with your version of iMovie, and/or ask here for further advice!

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    Duane, what choice did you make?

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    For me the Canon VIXIA HF G30 HD is perfect and the the AVCHD format is great in iMovie.

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    How did you transfer the video files to your Mac?  I just got the Canon VIXIA HF R52, and I have video on the camera's memory I want to transfer to my MacBook Pro.  The Transfer Utility software called out by the manual is for PC.