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  • Tom Meade1 Level 2 Level 2

    I came into this late but 3 days after ffr2822's post.


    For me, the Date & Time hang turned out to be a network

    issue. In a restart, tv failed to go to the correct one and

    after a long search the unit presented a screen indicating

    an incorrect choice - which let me proceed to find it and

    enter my password. I hasten to add that my firmware is

    5 point 3 not 5.01 or, 2. Either the last update was huge

    or the early posters who suspected firmware issues need

    glasses adjusted. Good luck with this one. Hang is bum.

  • Aggiegabe Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the suggestion. The latest ios7 update on apple tv had my apple tv stuck with a usb cable graphic. I finally figured out there was a mini usb port behind apple tv and i was supposed to connect the atv to the laptop for a firmware fix!

  • jncooper Level 1 Level 1

    So I had this problem for months!!  I reset it via my mac, and wifi... it would always connect to the internet, but never go past time and date... once even got it to "language" and got stuck there.  BUT it did work when I went to the apple store, and when I went to another house with wifi.


    SOOOO it was definitely a firewall problem.  I reset my router, and reset the security settings to "low security".  Done.  Works just fine.  I actually set it back to "medium security" and it's still fine.  Good luck all!

  • kludge Level 1 Level 1

    Option 1 works beautifully.  I didn't even need to get off the couch!

  • entertheraptor Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know if this will help you but I solved this issue by logging into my modem and opening up port 123. Apparently Apple TV needs this to access the time servers. Worked for me anyway.


    Good luck!

  • mh0890 Level 1 Level 1

    Mate, workaround worked perfectly! Cheers!

  • tool_81 Level 1 Level 1

    Brilliant! It was doing my head in on what to do! Connecting to my personal hotspot to set it all up then back to my wi-fi worked straight away

  • tarim78 Level 1 Level 1

    This did the trick! tnx:)

  • crugee Level 1 Level 1

    After over 3 hours messing about and being almost at the point of throwing the damned thing out the window….   May I start by saying I am 43, and like most people my age, have never had any sort of training or lessons in computers. I have spent much of my time today trawling through advice from people who obviously have had training and experience in troubleshooting these **** devices. I'm sure you are all trying to be helpful, and I'm sure what you are writing makes perfect sense to you lot and is simple to understand - please try and understand that most of us - at least most of us over 30 - can't understand anything more complicated than, "plug the power chord into the hole at the back" or "Turn the bloody thing off, wait for 20 seconds then turn it on again". Think about it please - if I could understand the technical advice you lot respond with do you think I'd really be on here in the first place asking "why won't my speaker work?" When you give someone like me a response along the lines of, "Check your RDML settings in your cache I.D peripheral, and if set to automatic update settings to 118.456.972 and then re-configure data insurgence recollective value 4.2 HDMI proxy server status…." I read this, "0297igflkep9ffrruyh3o3460$@%$@!(**_)^$$$*&^*$&)(&^&%7678752$@£rfyjhoi7w9gl21jh 3yf89wteift".  So please, when you're explaining about something technical to mere mortals like myself - please do it was if you're explaining something simple to a child. Most of us don't even know the difference between different cables, perhaps if you used a picture or two? Surely you experts could add a picture or two to your replies with your seemingly infinite computer knowledge?


    Anyway, rant over! The mobile phone option didn't work for me, non discoverable for some reason. Tried using an ethernet cable, moving both Apple TV and my router around the room, clearing obstacles, using different passwords / ID numbers etc etc. I restarted and rebooted the damned thing lots of times. I did work out that I was getting an internet connection so then went for the 'Turn of router firewall' option. I looked at the back of my router and copied down all the nonsense printed on the back of it. Then I typed the router number into my browser on my computer (Mac) and pressed return. it directed me to the internet provider, who is EE and then prompted me in input more info - username and password from the back of the router - both 6 digits, all lower case letters if that helps. (not sure if that is the case with all routers!) Anyway - I got in! I then worked out how to change my settings on there and turned my Firewall settings OFF.


    Then I reset and restarted my Apple TV and tried again….


    Hey Presto! It bloody well worked!!!


    I have now updated software on it and have now gone back into my router menu on EE and enabled the firewall again. All seems to be working fine still!


    Now I can finally sit down and work out how and what the thing can actually do!

  • DCS Apple Newbie Level 1 Level 1

    How does one "log into my modem"?


    I saw the below instructions posted by an apple consultant much earlier in the chain, i.e., re logging into internal IP address, but I also don't know how to do that.  Sorry, I am completely illiterate when it comes to these things.  I bought my Apple TV one year ago and am only now trying to connect it, so intimidated am I by technology.


    1.  Log into the actiontec via internal IP Address

    2.  Select Advanced Security - DMZ hosting -

    3.  Enable DMZ - Select Device and/or enter internal IP Address of Apple TV  (look in DHCP of firewall or on Apple TV, SETTINGS - GENERAL - NETWORK) for the IP Address currently assigned to the Apple TV.

    4.  Click the "Apply" button on the action tech Advanced Setting page to save your changes.

    5.  Your router will reboot

    6.  Once your router has rebooted - restart your Apple TV and your network time setting will pass through the firewall and you will once again be able to log into iTunes from the Apple TV.


    7.  Go back into the ActionTec firewall and remove the Apple TV as a DMZ host (Advanced Security - DMZ hosting - Click the "REMOVE" button next to your Apple TV DMZ host.

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