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I ran this utility and it took up more disk space- now I have less space then when I started.

Now what do I do?  No matter what I remove I gain no extra space.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    What utility please?

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    My apologies, the disk utility that comes with Mac OS.


    I went to Launch Pad -> Utilities -> Disk Utility and ran the procedure by selecting the Erase tab and pressing the Erase Free Space... button. I choose the default option and let the program finish running. At the end I had less disk space reporting by this Utility then before the Utility ran.


    I checked the Activity Monitor to confirm the amount of space free and it agreed with the Disk Utility.


    I started the procedure as my Mac was running extremely slowly. It is a MacBook late 2008 model and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7.5, which is as high as I can upgrade. If I try to upgrade further I receive a message that the Mac cannot support the next level upgrade.


    I Have a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, with 2GB memory.  When I check About this Mac it agrees with the amount of space available as the other two programs (Disk Utility and Activity Monitor).


    The Mac is still running slowly.

    I did check the HD with a commandi and this reports 76.72 GB free space.


    I know the Mac does a lot of swapping but why hasn't performance improved?


    I was thinking of purchasing an additional app or software such as Drive Genius but not sure it will help.

    Any thoughts?

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    You have only 2 GB of RAM in your computer and Lion (10.7.5) is more memory intensive than previous versions of OS X.  It has been suggested many times in this Forum that 4 GB's of RAM is basically the minimum amount required for Lion for the system to have any speed at all.  And more RAM than that, if your computer can take it, helps even more.



    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the advice. How can I find out if my Macbook can take more RAM?

    Is there an easy option?

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    Try using Disk Utility to do a Disk Repair, as shown in this link, while booted up on your install disk. You could have some directory corruption. Let us know what errors Disk Repair reports and if DU was able to repair them. This could just be a start in repairs and you may need a better utility to finish the job.

    Then Repair Permissions.

    No need to report any Permissions errors........we all get them.

       DALE

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    Thanks Dale, ran a Disk Repair and there are no errors on the HD.

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    Does it run better?

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    No, not really - still goes into the pin wheel spins...


    I'm thinking of either downgrading the OS or increasing RAM.

    Thanks anyway.

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  • Dale Weisshaar Level 6 (15,860 points)

    By the way.......Macs need high quality RAM. I recommend Crucial RAM. It is extremely Mac friendly and they have a system tester that will point to exactly what RAM works in your Mac.

    It has a lifetime warranty and they are real easy to work with. I have it in all 3 of my Macs, one of which has been using it for eight years now.


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    Sorry for the delay in response - I wanted to close this out.

    I finally decided to downgrade back to snow leopard and the macbook is back to normal. Response times are awesome and everything is working great. I'll miss the new OS but I'll keep this MacBook on the lower OS as it is responding so much better.


    Thanks for all the help.



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    Glad you found a solution!