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I just bought a great new Ford car with awesome Sync that should let me hear and reply to text messages while driving, but guess what?  Apples doesn't allow Ford to sync with my iPhone! What's up Apple?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6
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    Which Ford did you get?

  • jimmymac501 Level 1 Level 1

    A 2012 Fiesta.  I can play music and make phone calls, but the most important safety features (having SYNC read messages and reply via voice) doesn't work.  I called Ford and they told me it is an Apple issue.

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    Well, texting doesn't work in my 2012 Lincoln MKZ either. 


    Apple will tell you it is a Ford issue, and it kind of is because the Sync software has to be updated to work with the Bluetooth profiles used by the texting function (so called MAP or Message Access Protocol).  This is discussed at length on the syncmyride.com forums.

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    I got my 2013 Ford Escape on Saturday and my iphone 5 yesterday. I'm so bummed the text to voice doesn't work.  That was one of the main features of the myfordtouch system that I thought was most important!


    I sure hope Ford and Apple learn how to place nicely in the sandbox and resolve this issue.

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    I think the Text to Voice feature is the only one that does not work with Sync.  It was like this with my 2009 Lincoln MKS and is the same with my 2012 MKZ.  Everything else, including phonebook, recent calls, etc. should be fully supported by Sync.


    Sad part is that Ford is pretty slow at updates... maybe one or two a year last time I checked.


    Enjoy your Escape in the meantime.... it's a great little SUV.

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    Tgara, Please don't take this the wrong way, but your wrong in your assertion that the sync working with the iPhone is Fords problem.


    Yes, the MAP profile is the key to it working, but the MAP profile in question is the one that is on the iPhone, not Ford.  Ford already supports the standard MAP profile used by every other cellphone manufacturer out there.  Until iOS 6 the iPhone didnt have MAP profile at all.  It is Apples implementation of MAP profile that is the problem.


    If you also research the syncmyride forum you will see that there are many iOS developers that own Ford cars and all say that iOS6 worked flawlessly, texting and all while it was still in Beta.  Apple made a change between Beta 2 and release that changed that.  Pretty much sums up that it is an Apple problem.


    The only other possibility is that it might be caused by a carrier instituted update that occured alongside the iOS upgrade.  These updates prevent things like unlocking and taking your phone to another carrier and tethering your device to provide internet for other bluetooth devices.  Some developers in Canda have reported that they do not have problems after iOS 6, it is theorized that it is because those carriers do not institute these restrictions. 


    There are many probolems with Apples implementation of MAP.  You lose all text message audible notifications from the phone itself for one, while its connected to a bluetooth device.


    The problem in reality is this.  Apple always wants everyone to do things their way, and if they dont they take their toys and run.  Apple is trying hard to break into the car infotainment market using SIRI.  They have already signed deals with Toyota.  What benefit does Apple have in using a MAP profile that will work with other car systems like Sync?  None. 


    Apple needs to get off their butts and first admit there is aproblem publicly, which they hardly ever do, and second they need to come up with some answers and a fix pronto.  With Windows phone 8 dropping next week, a lot of people will be looking very hard at it to replace their iPhone with, I know I will.

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    I bought my 2012 ford focus titanium in July.  It does everything....but sync with my iPhone 4S!  My partner just recently got a windows phone and it will read her text messages, but she cannot reply.  I would love to be able to drive safer in my new car.  I've been accident free for 3 years now. But most of my previous accidents were texting related.  I've totaled 3 cars due to text messaging in the car while driving....yes I am stopping. What I am trying to say is that I love my car and I love my iPhone....why can't the 2 most expensive things in my life work together in harmony to make my life safer?