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I had videos in my camera roll and then had to swap my iphone 5 for another one as there was an issue with my first one.  The genius at the apple store assured me that my camera roll was backed up to the cloud as I hadn't backed up all of my pics and videos from the weekend before.  I now can't find my short videos that were in my camera roll on the first phone that I swapped out.  The pictures appear in the video stream of the current phone.  Is there any chance they are still in a backup on the cloud, but just don't appear on my phone?  The support section shows conflicting information. On one page, it says that videos from your camera roll are backed up to the cloud and on others it says videos are not supported by the cloud backing up process to video stream anyway.  Please help if you know a way to rescue my videos that were on my first iphone 5 (pretty sure they wiped it clean).  Too bad I listened to the genius from Apple who assured my my camera roll would be stored somewhere, I hope he's right, and somehow, I've lost access but they are still there somewhere.

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