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I have IOS 6.0 for about three weeks and now my iphone 4S won't connect to any wifi... The option in the settings menu is greyed out!! Help please

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    SOLUTION WORKED I downloaded IOS 6.0 and my wifi stopped working at home PERIOD. My boyfriends laptop worked on wifi but not the IPhone. I googled everything and tried everything. I called Verizon and Apple. The Apple lady said to try updating my firmware on my router. My next door neighbor has an IPhone and did the same download and had NO problems. So continuing to troubleshoot my next door neighbor gave me his password and I was able to connect to his wifi and my IPhone 4S picked it up NO problem! SOLUTION I went to Best Buy and bought a new router, same brand as my neighbor now ALL systems are a go. My NetGear router was not compatible I guess. It was a few years old and the Linksys N600 works beautifully. Stop beating your head up against the wall it could just be your router!

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