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I have an Apple Cinema Display on an Alienware Auora i7 980x running Windows 7 64. I have an nVidia Quadro 4000. In the nVidia Control panel the monitor shows, but not in device manager. One of my monitors shows up in Device Manager, but not in the nVidia control panel. I tried installing the WinACD version 0.4.6 but get the mesage that the "installation was interupted"


I have two Dell monitors that show up in Device Manager, but one is missing from the nVidia control panel. Although the Apple Cinema Display does show up in the nVidia Control Panel, it is not sown in Device Manager


I have contacted nVidia, but was hoping to find out if there is a driver for the Apple Cinema Display.


Any ideas?


nVidia Control Panel.jpg


Device Manager Monitors.jpg

Cinema Display 23, Windows 7