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In December, Apple was fined 900,000 euros, for not providing adequate info about length of product guarantees as "EU laws requiring companies to offer a free two-year warranty" but we only get told its one year. Are we covered for the two years on Iphones?

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    Check the website.

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    You need you read up on this to understand


    The EU 2 year warranty is only valid if you can prove the issue /fault

    was present at day of purchase and has subsequently occurred

    between 12 and 24 months

    Apple warranty covers any issue of failure at anytime within the

    12 months warranty regardless of when it manifests its self during that time

    and when it existed

    So really this is typical grandstanding by EU .....again

    Complete gobbledygook


    So answer is no you are not

    Apple 's fine was for not advisng this piece of rubbish on web site etc

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    So my problems of the volume button failure, home button intermittent function & the on off switch not clicking which many users have also had issue on and are poor manufacture from purchase should count then, so why do they say not?

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    If you believe you have a case then take Apple to court but you

    had better have very deep pockets

    You asked the question ,I have explained to you the background

    I have no interest in debating it with you

    Do let us know how the case goes in several years

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    *** who entered a debate, thought this was a community site for discussion and opinion, so get off your high horse and get back to reality

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    Wrong it is not

    It is a user to user technical forum for assistance with technical issues

    The areas you mention are actual specifically banned


    Read this before you post again