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I'd like to do a clean install of Mountain Lion 10.8 Server and migrate the user data, but I'm not sure how.


In specific for each user:

  • iCal calendars and events
  • Mail IMAP messages and folders
  • Address Book contacts and groups
  • And I think that's it


The data was originally set up in Snow Leopard 10.6 Server, but has since been upgraded to Lion 10.7 Server. I mention because I think that has bearing on the storage location.


I suppose I could do an Address Book export. I've attempted to re-import iCal before and the server ends up wanting to send calendar events to every invitee ever listed. I'd like to avoid that scenario again.


For Mail, could I keep the client-side IMAP folders as-is and then add the new 10.8 IMAP account to Mail before dragging over the whole folder structure? Or should I move it to "On My Mac" first and then do the same? Or is there a server-side way of moving the data store to the newly-installed server?


Thank you!

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