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I'd like to do a clean install of Mountain Lion 10.8 Server and migrate the user data, but I'm not sure how.


In specific for each user:

  • iCal calendars and events
  • Mail IMAP messages and folders
  • Address Book contacts and groups
  • And I think that's it


The data was originally set up in Snow Leopard 10.6 Server, but has since been upgraded to Lion 10.7 Server. I mention because I think that has bearing on the storage location.


I suppose I could do an Address Book export. I've attempted to re-import iCal before and the server ends up wanting to send calendar events to every invitee ever listed. I'd like to avoid that scenario again.


For Mail, could I keep the client-side IMAP folders as-is and then add the new 10.8 IMAP account to Mail before dragging over the whole folder structure? Or should I move it to "On My Mac" first and then do the same? Or is there a server-side way of moving the data store to the newly-installed server?


Thank you!

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    HI Bailey, the best way to do this is to clean install OS X Mountain Lion, then during the ML OS X setup, migrate everything from your Lion volume. After the OS install/setup/migration is complete, install Server on the ML Mac and it will finish migrating server data for all users.

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    Thanks for your response. I'd read about that approach (a PDF on MacRumours descibing the process), but I'm wondering if I'll be re-introducing older Lion and Snow Leopard elements like folder locations and such if I do it this way.


    Will ML migrate it to the standard location and treat it as though this data had been generated within ML all along?


    Also, I should add, I'm doing this install because I pooched my Lion Server and had to restore from a Time Machine backup. Now everything is messed up and unreliable. Turns out Time Machine doesn't back up iCal events for users! So this is why I'm trying to do this as clean as possible.

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    If you changed service data locations previously, the migration won't reset them. The server migration will upgrade older data to the formats it needs for ML.

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    Great, thanks for confirming that. I'll keep this topic open for additional input until I complete the install this weekend.