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My wife is being driven nuts by all the calendar notifications she receives from my calendar.  Its important she has access to my calendar to see my schedule, she just doesnt want to receive a notification every time I make an entry.  Is there a way to turn off these notifications so she still has access, but doesnt get pushed all the notifications of changes?  Removing the calendar from the notification center doesnt seem to do it.

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    The setting is not in the Notification Center, it's in the calendar app.


    Go to Calendar > Preferences and highlight the Alerts tab.  Now put a tick in the checkbox labelled ""Turn off shared calendar messages in Notification Center"


    To be honest, I saw this setting before, and the fact that it's a double negative (you're putting a check mark in a box to disable a setting) consfused me, and I left it unchecked.


    By the way, there's a similar setting on iPhones/iPads too, and again it's hidden away.  Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll right to the bottom.  Where it says "Shared Calendar Alerts" change this setting to "OFF" (it's ON by default).