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I'm a first time Mac user, and cannot attach files to my emails.  When I click on the "paperclip attach files" button, it takes me to a new screen, in which I have no "Browse" button, though it instructs me to click on the "browse" button.  I can click on "choose a file", and it appears to download, but it won't attach it to my email.  My PC works fine, so I know it must be isolated to the Mac.  I'm using Safari and Yahoo Mail.  On our PC, we use Firefox.


Thank you AGAIN!

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    Please state what Mac you have and what version of OS X.


    I will then ask the Hosts to move your question to the correct forum.

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    Klaus --


    I think this might help the Original Poster:


    I know it might be just slightly different, but I'm hoping it wil help 808.

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    I understand you are using Yahoo Mail in your browser?


    And you do not get this window?


    Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.50.57 AM.png

    This is in Firefox; now I will attempt it in Safari:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.54.10 AM.png

    Once you click on Choose File, you will get a window where you can choose the file. You do need to select one file from your hard drive, desktop, documents, or wherever you've parked the file for it to work, like this:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.56.59 AM.png

    Once you click on Choose (in the example: iPhoto to Movie Help), it will show up in the Yahoo dialog.

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    Hi Klaus1 - Oh sorry...I have a MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion 10.8.  I'm still new on the support website...where do you choose the correct forum?  I thought you can just post a question?

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    Hi babowa - Yes, my screen looks like yours above...the Safari one.  When I choose the file, and my case, they are scanned .jpeg documents, they appear by the "choose file", but how to you get them to attach to the actual email, since it is a different screen?

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    You are most welcome here on the forums and please ask any technical you want!


    Just so you know, there are separate forums for each kind of Mac and each version of OS X, listed here:



    It speeds things up no end if you pick the right forum, and in your question state what Mac you have and what version of OS X, and makes it simply for us all to focus on your problem! Most of us here try to help in those forums where we think we have some personal experience or knowledge. As far as Mountain Lion goes I am totally out of my depth and never venture there!


    This particular forum is mainly intended for discussions on how these forums work - so you are basically on topic!

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    Well....I just spoke with my daughter, who also has a year-old Mac, and she walked me through the attachment process.  The problem was, I was using Yahoo Mail Classic, which I've used forever and haven't updated it ever!  So, I tried the attachments after the upgrade and it worked!!  I'm using Safari on the MacBook. We have Firefox on our PC, which is 15 years old!!  Thank you everyone for the help!

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    Sorry, I was gone, but you got your problem answered. In any case, I also use Mail Classic because I don't like the new interface so that had nothing at all to do with your problem. So, when that screen drops down, it shows you your hard drive - you pick whatever file, click on Choose and it will automatically do the rest.

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    Loved the youtube video....thank you Bee!!

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    Hi Again babowa - Well, here is the dilemma, I just switched back to Yahoo Mail Classic, which I agree, is easier to navigate around.  However, going back to the screen you printed up above using Safari (which I have), I was again not able to dowload. When I "choose file", my documents screen drops down, I select a document, click choose, and yes, it moves it to next to the "choose file" - File 1 line. 


    At this point, I'm stuck.  I guess it isn't "automatically doing the rest."  In other words, it isn't connecting the attachments to my email. 


    So, from the screen above, how do you get to your email after you've chosen the files you want?


    Maybe I have a glitch somewhere?  I upgraded to Mountain Lion when we first purchased this Mac....don't know if something happen then?  I haven't noticed any issues, but I guess I'm going to change to the new mail since I can't attach with classic.

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    ok..update...I was moving my fingers around the screen and the screen moved up very slightly to expose an "attach files" tab and "cancel" tab.  If I move it up, I lose something information above.  Anyway, some progress forward, however, once I click attach files, I get a yellow bar, stating in red "There was a problem!, Invalid File Specified. Please Try Again.


    So, I know I can attach these same jpeg documents using my PC computer and Yahoo Mail Classic and I can also attach them using my MacBook Pro with the upgraded Yahoo Mail.


    Very frustrating!  :/

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    Well, I was going to just go through the steps, but.......


    there is either a problem with Yahoo or Safari (my initial guess was Yahoo because they've been really flakey lately; however it works with Firefox, so it must be a Safari problem and I'd actually call it a possible bug).


    So here is what I did:


    In Safari, I chose an image to attach and got this window:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 4.52.14 PM.png

    That is ridiculous. I tried it with several different images, both PDF and jpg and kept getting that window. At this point, I am blaming Yahoo.....


    then I tried the same thing in Firefox; after choosing an image (the same one that didn't work above), once it uploaded the image, it automatically changed back to my reply window showing this:


    Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 4.51.59 PM.png


    So it works in Firefox. I have absolutely no idea why it would not work in Safari, especially since I never use it.


    Did you get the same "there is a problem" dialog or was yours different?

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    Wow...first of all, you are AWESOME!!  Thank you for hanging with me through appreciate it!


    Yes, my "problem" dialog box is the same.  So, if it is Safari, why would my attachments work with the so-called new and improved Yahoo Mail?!?!?


    Maybe our Yahoo Mail Classic is the issue??


    On the topic of Firefox...we used to have Internet Explorer on our PC, and it was recommended strongly to switch to Firefox...due to better safety, in particular...viruses.


    On my MacBook Pro, I have Safari already on it as you know, but we are having issues with uploading documents to a program called "Blackboard", and again, Firefox has been recommended as a browser to use.  Can I download Firefox on my mac?  Sorry, not knowledgeable with the do's and don'ts of Macs.


    Thanks again...I remember you helped me with my printing problems a few weeks ago.....

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    Well, it could be a problem with the old Mail Classic not wanting to cooperate with a newer version of Safari; as I said, I choose not to use Safari (actually have to use it for one site - my electric company - in order to pay their bill online, I have to use it; the website does not work properly with Firefox).


    Of course you can use Firefox; others prefer Chrome - there are several choices for browsers. I'd be a bit careful with Chrome what with Google's new mantra to get all of your info so they can profit from it. In any case, you can download and install a browser; if you don't like it, simply drag it to the trash. I've done that several times.


    Here is where you can download Firefox:



    If you want to try it, don't forget to carefully check every option under the Preferences (from the Firefox file menu) to see if/what you prefer to set it to.


    FWIW, Internet Explorer hasn't been supported for a Mac for years (which is actually a good thing in my humble opinion, LOL).

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