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I have an iPhone 4. After update to iOS6 the sync of my calendar has a strange behavior! It doesn't sync anymore. When I enter a calendar entry on iPhone, it's not synchronized with the macbook Calendar.
I changed calendar dates on my macbook - it won't appear on my iPhone4.


I badly missed some dates, till I found that the Calendar doesn't sync.


I also set in iTunes the marked, that on next sync the calendar should be replaced - but even then the new entries doesn't appear. Completely strange is, that if I delete the calendar on my iPhone and resync by iTunes, I get the calendar back, but the new or changes entries don't appear.


What can I do, instead of waiting to get my new iPhone5?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Now I have my new iPhone5...
    And what should I tell you?dar. Neither from iPhone


    There is still no sync of the calender from iPhone to MacBookPro and no sync of calendar entries from the MacBookPro to iPhone.


    I am helpless. I tried to replace the calendar - it syncs, but the edited entries do not appear - they were sync with the old entries. Where the **** do they come from?
    Normal Sync, nothing happens...what's a smartphone

    Does nobody have a guess or anything I can try? Really, this *****... what's a smartphone without a syncronized and working calendar??

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    Go to Calendar app in your iPhone, tap the "Calendars" button (upleft) and see how many Calendars you have.

    Check one by one and delete that you don't need. Then go to Settings>mails,Contacts, Calendars and check the Default Calendar.