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How do I do Print Screen on the iMac keyboard?

imac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    How to Print Screen to a file on the desktop in Mac OS X

    The basic functionality of taking a screen capture of a window or desktop in Mac OS X takes an image and dumps it to a file on the Mac desktop. Each uses the pressing of Command and Shift keys concurrently as the basis for execution, followed by a number:

    • Command+Shift+3: takes a screenshot of the full screen (or screens if multiple monitors), and save it as a file to the desktop
    • Command+Shift+4: brings up a selection box so you can specify an area to take a screenshot of, then save it as a file to the desktop
    • Command+Shift+4, then spacebar, then click a window: takes a screenshot of a window only and saves it as a file to the desktop



    Hope this helps, Freely2

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    hi, i am brand new to apple.....i cannot get tghis to work, i want to paste a screen shot into an email...i do the above but then when i right click to paste...nothing happens

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    Hello & welcome!


    You can also use Grab to get a screen shot & save it.


    Can you drag the file to Mail's compose window?

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    Just as Freely 2 said, you can press Command+Shift+3 to screenshot the whole desktop screen, Command+Shift+4 to snapshot any selected area. If this fails to work, then you can use professional screenshot applications like Skitch, Grab for Mac, Jing to screenshot Mac. These utilities can do more than screenshots, they also allow for making annotations and uploading screenshots.

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    In addition ... the screenshots are saved on desktop, open the screenshots do a cut & paste or file addon .. thats it Best regards wolfgang