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I am subscribed to U.S. Holidays for my ICalandar and it is showing Election Day as Tuesday, Nov. 13, when it is actually Nov. 6 (by law election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November and would never fall on the 13th).


While this is no big deal, I would still like to correct it.  It will not allow me to edit this event in any way and I cannot seem to find a way to un-subscribe.  Not that I really want to unsubscribe from all the other holidays, but if this will fix this little quirk, I would do it. 


Also, I have a moon phase subscription for which I would like the un-subscribe.

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    Just found out how to correct this by using Refresh.  It brought the event to Nov. 6.


    However, I downloaded a moon phase subscription into my one and only appoitnments calandar.  I would like to eliminate the moon phase subscription without losing all my appointments and the U.S. Holidays subscription.


    Any ideas, please?