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I bought a new computer and loaded itunes however now my ipod wont sync and upload my music because it says it does not match and wont sync without deleting my whole ipod.  Any suggestions how to get past this with out deleting all my other music previously added?

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    Your iPod is designed to sync with only one iTunes library at a time.  It will recognize the iTunes library on the PC as a new library.  If you sync the iPod with this new library, all content will be erased from the iPod and replaced with what is in the new library.  So what you will want to do is copy everything from the iPod to your new iTunes library on your PC first.


    See this excellent user tip from another forum member turingtest2 outlining the different methods and software available to help you copy content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device



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    plan, are you sure about this? i have an old ipod photo that i sometimes hook up to three different computers to add songs from time to time. two of these computers run itunes 6 and one runs itunes 9 if that makes any difference. i do not have my ipod set up to automatically sync.

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    i do not have my ipod set up to automatically sync.


    And that's why. I specifically stated that iPod can only be synced with one computer at a time. If you manually manage the iPod's contents, it's a different story. There is no syncing involved with that process so what I said above does not apply.