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I set up a lot of meetings and use the invitation feature in Calendar (née iCal) to keep track of who's attending and who's not. For some reason, many people simply refuse to click a response button on their e-mail invitations and end up just replying to me via e-mail with a message (e.g., "I'll be there").


Other than throttling these people senseless, what I'd like to be able to do is edit their response in iCal so I (and anyone else who wants to view the meeting on shared calendars) can see an accurate record of who's attending and who isn't. One would think there would be an easy way for the organizer of the event to be able to edit others' responses on their behalf, but I can't seem to find one.


Does anyone know if there's a trick, secret, or "backdoor" that can allow me to edit the responses of the invitees?