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i am planning on moving a 250 GB Aperture database to a new 2 TB drive in bay 3 of my machine and i am planning on backing this up daily to a new 2 TB drive in bay 4 of my machine. right now my primary boot drive in bay 1 is 1 TB and it is getting full up.


i am currently running three backups (one time machine, one on site clone and one off site clone) of my data on drive 1.


does anyone know if there are any caveats or cautions with respect to moving my Aperture data to this other drive? presumably if i run a backup of this data daily to the drive in bay 4 i can buy two externals (one on site and one off site) and i will ALSO have this data backed up in triplicate, yes?


i have not had to deal with this type of issue before on either PC or on Mac so THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE ON THIS.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), with 64 bit Win7 in Parallel
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    If all your files are in the Aperture library (managed), it's as simple as copying the file via the Finder and then double-clicking it in its new location to set it as the new default library.

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    hi william.


    thank you very much.


    so from the souns of it i can just copy the database to the new location, compare the file size of the old and the new, then delete the database in the original location.


    then at that point i would double click on the database in the new location and it would - - well it would automatically open on the hard drive/OS of my boot drive and - - i guess it would automatically get re-associated by Aperture at the new location, is that close?


    - jon