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I have a question on regards to the health of my hard drive. This afternoon I had to move away from my MacBook Pro for a moment and I accidentally bumped the small desk where the computer was placed. The bump was slight but the computer was on, I cannot tell whether the HDD was in use at the time I bumped the desk. Therefore, I was wondering given that I bumped my MacBook while it was operating, could have I accidentally damaged the HDD? I must say that after the bump the computer is operating normally and again, the bump was slight (I guess the desk swing was less than a inch when I bumped it).


Should I worry about my MacBook Pro's hard drive being damaged by the bump?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 15"; 4GB RAM; nvidia GT 330m 256
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    I would not worry about it. However, if you want to check it, you can either use the Apple hardware test (run the extended test) or download SMART Utility.

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    Should I worry about my MacBook Pro's hard drive being damaged by the bump?

    No, but as always make sure you maintain a current backup.

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    I agree a backup is not only always wise, it is a given it is not a question of if data will be lost but when. A small bump given today's notebook drives normally isn't bad because of the sudden motion sensor technology. However, there is no guarantee it will always work.

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    Thank you guys for your encouraging responses! I have a back up HDD in which I clone the main HDD image every week, and also place my most important files into a separate USB stick and Google Drive.


    I would like to give you all rep points but I am only allowed to give 2 hepful and one solved answer. I will do my best in sorting out the points for each of the answers.


    Again thanks for the insight.