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Apple TV, iOS 1.x
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    The Apple TV will load it itself from the Apple servers if you connect to the Internet and perform an update/restore.

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    My 1st generation Apple Tv downloads update and when restarts its still stuck with 1.0..  I originally had 2.0 but since i couldnt update i did a factory reset and went back to 1.0 and now i am stuck with it.  Is there a way to get update on usb because 1.0 stinks. 

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    There is an issue with 1.0 updating the software.  You can't do it via USB either.


    Do not connect AppleTV to the network until it has full started up from a powered off state then try to manually look for the update in Sewttings once hooked up to network.


    There are several threads about this with various solutions, but I think it gets stuck looking for a non-existent server or something with software 1.0.

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    Also if you'd hacked/modified AppletV that might interfere with updates.