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I have Mountain Lion on my macbook pro and iOS 6 on my iphone. When someone facetimes me on my phone number, it is suppose to ring on all my devices, including my mac. When iOS 6 came out i figured a way to make it work but it sudently stopped and I can't find where to add my phone numbers to be reachable on my mac, anyone here could tell me how to do it?


thank you

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I have the same problem - it has come up just today for me.


    Ever since the option of using phone number for iPad (running iOS 6) and Mac (currently running the latest version of Mountain Lion OS) has been offered, and after I have accepted it, I've been able to receive FaceTime calls placed to my phone number on all three devices.


    However, earlier today it stopped working. FaceTime on my Mac and iPad went back to using just the e-mail addresses associated with my account for FaceTime calling and FaceTime calls placed to my phone no. are no longer coming through to Mac and iPad.


    Anyone knows how to resolve the issue?

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    Open FaceTime.app, go Preferences. Try turning it off and on again. that worked for me. else, try signing out and back in.


    Had the same issue on my macbook pro

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    That worked for me, thanks!!!