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Recently bought a factory unlocked iPhone 5, and all is fine until i tried to text, it says not delivered! But i can recieve text and i can receive and make a call.

Just the one when im replying and creating a text message. Please help.


iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    The Delivered, Not Delivered status is for iMessages only. Not for Text Messages as in SMS/MMS.


    Have you confirmed with the recipient that the message was not delivered?

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    I manually turned off the imessage so thats not culprit. I texted my husband and still to no success. Tried restoring all settings but still the problem persisted. "Not delivered"....

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    Is there any solution for this at all. I have been having the same issue since the IOS 601 update.

    There is absolutely no issue with the carrier, my phone number is set properly in iphone and the text sms work great with most of the contacts. I have this issue only for a specific few. I also checked the format in which the numbers are stored, but nothing strange anywhere.


    Guess its an universal issue that needs help from apple to fix it.



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    What issue?

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    The issue is that I get message not delivered to specific contacts after updating to IOS 6

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    That is not text messaging as in SMS/MMS so your carrier or the recipient's carrier has no bearing on this unless you or the recipient with iMessage enabled doesn't have internet access at the time. iMessages are exchanged via the internet no different from email.


    Delivered not being shown for an iMessage that was successfully sent does not mean the iMessage was not delivered.


    If there is a red indicator on the message indicating the message was not sent, that is different.


    I have no problems whatsoever exchanging iMessages with fellow iOS device users and Mac users with iMessage enabled, so this is not a "universal" issue.



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    Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I get the not delivered message in red for simple text messages that I send to non iPhone users. I have disabled the iMessage.

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    Just came back to give a quick update. I got my phone replaced because of this text sms issue. Unfortunately the issue cropped up in the new phone also. Later after many hours of investigation i found out that the real culprit is somewhere hidden when I synced the contacts with outlook.

    1. I restored the phone

    2. Updated to latest OS

    3. Created some 10 contacts manually

    4. Send SMS to the 10 contacts - Boom, they are all through without any single issue.

    5. Created a new contact in outlook and did a sync with iphone.

    6. Text SMS issue with the new contact created via outlook

    7. I deleted the contact (created via outlook) from outlook - synced with iphone and cloud

    8. Created the contact again manually (same one that i created via outlook)

    9. Text SMS still remains


    Does anyone know how to make iphone and cloud "forget" the contact "permanently" - may be deleting contact .still keeps some references inside the phone?


    Thanks for any help.



    Venkat R.