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I successfully uploaded my book and all assets to iTunes Producer. I received a ticket about my use of the term iBook (not allowed) and corrected the book file.


I am having trouble updating the files. When I tried to update the files I received an error code. "ERROR ITMS-9000: "Files of type audio/x-m4a are not allowed outside of widgets:" Apparently that is caused by using iBooks Author's Export functionality and then delivering to the iBookstore. (my m4a files are inside widgets).


I have seen this suggested process:

1. Open your book in iBooks Author

2. Choose Publish from the Toolbar

3. Choose a name for your book package

4. iTunes Producer should open automatically once iBooks Author completes the book publishing process.

5. Carefully enter your book's metadata

6. When complete, click on the Delivery tab and click Deliver


But I have not been able to use this process above (1-6) to update my pending project. It seems to be designed for new book projects rather than updating files on existing projects.


Is there a way to update my current book at iTunes Connect without getting the ERROR ITMS-9000?

Or should I cancel my existing book on iTunes Connect and start over? (and if so how do I do that?)


Thanks for your help

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)