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I have been downloading photos from my camera onto my ipad using the apple adapter. It's now started to say that ' accessory attached uses too much power'. It does this even when the camera isn't attached. Help..I can't download my photos now. It didn't do this until today. I still have plenty of space on the iPad.


Thank you, I am travelling and want to be able to download photos as I go.

iPad 2, iOS 6
  • Skydiver119 Level 7 (25,932 points)

    Try resetting your iPad. HOld down the sleep and home keys, past when you see the red power down slider and until you see the silver apple. Let it reboot and see if that helps

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    Will I loose the stuff I've got on the IPad? I'm not sure which keys you mean to hold down either. I presume the key with a square on it at the bottom is one of these.


    Sorry for being a bit dim but I really appreciate your help.


    Thank you

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    The home button is on the front of the iPad below the screen (the one with the square on it), and the sleep (or on/off) button is on the top edge - press and hold both for 10 to 15 seconds (ignoring the red power-off slider) and the Apple logo should then appear. It's basically a reboot and it won't remove any content from the iPad.

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    I'd say that the home button is on the face of the iPad and has a square with rounded corners. The sleep button is on the edge opposite the Home button. I say it this way because I keep my iPad in landscape mode all the time and the Home button is never "below" the screen.

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    Not normal. Take the camera adapter to an Apple Store for evaluation.


    Make a Genius Bar Reservation



     Cheers, Tom

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    Well I tried the Reboot. Managed to upload another 10 photos before I got the error message again. So I guess I'll have to find an Apple store and see what they say.


    Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.