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Now this was so simple in Windows Media Player but seems to be impossible in ITunes.


I want to move the iTunes library and all its content to my NAS from my PC hard drive. as it is full and my NAS is half empty.


Followed the simple instructions as given by apple:


1. changed default library to location on NAS (under edit/preferences/advaned tab) ensuring that "keep itunes fold organsed" is checked


2. under file/library/organsie library, selected consolidate - the consolidate process started copying music etc over to NAS but failed and then deleted everything it had copied over before stopping.



So Tried copying everything over to NAS myself and then trying steps 1 and 2 above. ITunes deleted everything on NAS that I had copied over, started copying again, failed and deleted everything it had copied so far (about 200 tracks).


So my question is very simple, is there a way that I can get my music that I have copied over onto my NAS into iTunes. Given that iTunes still lists everything on my PC. I know that Itunes keep a database of all music and points to my music on the PC, can I get rid of this and have it create a new database pointing to the music on the NAS. This would be a good first step. The whole thing is complicated because I also use iMatch and am sure that will go all weird but I will worry about that afterwards.


I have also tried uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling, Didnt help one bit, everything remained the same.

itunes, Windows 7
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    The simple way to make this happen.

    Close iTunes.

    Copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder from the comptuer to the NAS.

    Hold <SHIFT> and launch iTunes.  Continue holding <SHIFT> until the box appears asking to create a new or locate a library.  Point iTunes to the iTunesLibrary.itl file on the NAS.

    Close iTunes.

    Move the existing iTunes folder on the computer to another location or simply rename it.

    Launch iTunes and ensure everything is working properly.

  • eisenman Level 1 Level 1

    On the Mac hold down the <option> key while launching iTunes instead of <shift> to bring up the "Choose iTunes Library" box.

  • laketahoebob Level 1 Level 1

    "Copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder from the comptuer to the NAS."


    Moving the iTunes folder? There appear to be several components. Library/itunes; library/music/itunes; can't find the movies or tv shows or itunesU folders.


    Using Lion on MacPro

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    laketahoebob wrote:


    "Copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder from the comptuer to the NAS."


    Moving the iTunes folder? There appear to be several components. Library/itunes; library/music/itunes; can't find the movies or tv shows or itunesU folders.

    This is why you move the ENTIRE iTunes folder, it contains all the media.


    If multiple iTunes folders exists, this could be a problem.  The iTunes library needs to be consolidated.

  • laketahoebob Level 1 Level 1

    That's why I need help. Where is the "itunes folder"?

  • pcd Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Diesel VDub.  Worked like a charm!  Thanks.

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    There is a good deal of DOs and DON'Ts to note when attempting to transfer your iTunes library from one drive to the next, be it network or regular drive:


    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/moving-your-itunes-library-to -a-new-hard-drive/

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    Hi Diesel vdub,


    When moving the iTunes library like you descirbed above, do you also have to change the iTunes Media folder path to the new location  in iTunes Advanced Preferences?


    Also, if the move fails for whatever reason, you can still point the path back to the original library, correct?


    Thanks for your help,



  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Yes, you would still need to change the media folder path in Advanced.


    What do you mean "fails for whatever reason"? 

    Simply copy or move the folder... if you believe there is insufficient space in the target directory, find a different location with more storage to move the iTunes folder. 


    As long as you do not delete the existing iTunes folder before ensuring that everything is working in the new location there is no issue.  iTunes can be pointed to a new library location as many times as the user likes.

  • clintster442 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Seagate GoFlex Home 3TB NAS Server.  I was easily able to transfer my iTunes folder from my Mac to the NAS server and redirect iTunes to it's new location.  All media works fine and all data integrity was maintained. 


    The only issue I am having now is everytime I restart the computer, iTunes "forgets" where the iTunes folder is and I have to direct it to thew location on my server.  It then works fine.  If I Quit iTunes and reopen it, it works fine.  Issue is only when the Mac is shutdown/restarted.


    In iTunes> Preferences> Advanced: it doe show the correct location of my iTunes folder on my server.  It seems as though when the Mac is shutdown/restarted, it looses this location.


    Any suggestions?

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    You need to mount the drive every time your Mac starts. Go into System Preferences, selecting the Users &amp; Groups preference (choose Accounts if running a version of OS X prior to Lion), unlocking the Administrator's account, and clicking on the Login Items tab. Then mounted the Music folder on the NAS and drag it to the list of login items. On restart the NAS should mount (you may be prompted for its password before it does so, which occurs with each restart).

  • asavvyman Level 1 Level 1

    OOPS! thats for OS X... what ever you need to do for windows to get the NAS to start up when your PC starts.