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I'm having a problem with email not appearing in my iCloud account.  I know emails from Yelp, LinkedIn, LoveFilm and GroupOn aren't arriving to my account, even though I'm on their email lists. Whilst this isn't to much of an issue for these emails, it makes me wonder what other emails I'm missing.


For example, having signed up for a Yelp account I can't confirm my email address as the confirmation email never arrives.


Anyone have any ideas?





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    Check your Junk folder.  If it's not there, open a ticket with support.  iCloud email has been spotty for me, and I have seen emails appear in the inbox and then disappear, never to be found again.  It's hard for me to trust it.

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    Thanks Impaler80s,


    I thought that'd be the case. They're not in the Junk folder, they just seem to disappear in the mail server.