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I have a MacBook Pro running 10.6.8

For the past week or so the Mail App has been acting a bit "off".  Several times shutdown has failed because the mail app wouldn't quit.

Last night I sent an email and the spinning gear just spun and spun and the mail wouldn't send.  The issue is NOT my ISP or my gmail account becuase today from work (different ISP) I'm having the same problem.  And I have three email accounts, one of which is not gmail and they're all having the same problem.


I want to delete the Mail app and then reinstall it, however, I googled this process and it looks like I need install disks. I'm 99% sure i didn't get install disks when I got my computer (bought through apple store online, received computer in the mail -- or FedEx or something).


So my questions...

1.) Am I hallucinating about not receiving any disks with my MacBook Pro?

2.) How can I reinstall the Mail app without install disks?

3.) If the answer to #2 is "you can't", then how do I get new install disks?


Thanks so much,


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    Did you recently update 10.6.8?


    Mac OS X v10.6: Mail.app won’t open, or "You can't use this version of Mail…" alert after installing Security Update 2012-004:




    Fellow user Grant Bennet-Alder offers this solution:


    Some users have reported this problem if the Mail Application has been moved out of the top-level /Applications folder, or duplicated in another location.


    When the Security Update is done, the old version of Mail is disabled.


    The solution has been to:


    1) make certain Mail is in the /Applications folder

    2) There is no other copy anywhere else.

    3) Once steps 1 and 2 have been done, Manually download and re-apply the Security Update (2012-004) by hand.


    Security Update 2012-004 (Snow Leopard)




    If the Mail.app has been LOST, it can be re-installed by applying the 10.6.8 version 1.1 combo update. But this update is quite large and it is usually not necessary:


    Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1

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    Doesn't sound update related. If it were the update, you would have lost Mail completely. See if running the 10.6.8 Combo update fixes the issue.


    If this doesn't help:


    First take screenshots of all your Mail settings, you will need to refer to these later. Next, with Mail closed navigate to your Home Folder Library>Mail and first make a backup of the entire Mail folder by option-clicking on it and dragging it to the Desktop.


    Next, in the same Library, go to Preferences and find com.apple.mail.plist and, similarly, make a backup copy by option-dragging it to the Desktop.


    You will know these files are being copied when you see a small green circle with a plus + sign in the middle. Just drag them to the Desktop, holding the mouse down, then release. The originals should remain where they are.


    Next, still with Mail closed, move the com.apple.mail.plist to the Trash (but don't empty it yet.) Then open Mail and you will be asked and guided to set up Mail again. Here is where you refer to your screenshots.


    Now, if none of this helps, you can return to your original Mail simply by replacing the new Mail folder with the backup one you made, and moving the Mail.plist back using File>Put Back from the Trash. Or, alternatively, just move the backup copy where it came from.


    You might be able to get a new Mail by first trashing Mail, then running the Combo Update. I haven't tested this, although it's claimed it will do this.


    Am I hallucinating about not receiving any disks with my MacBook Pro?

    If this was a new, not used, machine, it should have come with those. Call Apple and they should offer to send you those for free.


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