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Is there a limit on the size of SDHC card that can be read with the iPad camera connection kit?

Ipad 3, iOS 6
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    No limit has been stated that I have seen. But many people

    have reported that some SDHC cards work while others of the

    same brand do not. If you find a particular card is not working,

    try a different one - borrow from a friend if you can rather than

    purchase for the test.

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    Thank you for your reply.  I have tried cards of the same brand (Transcend) in different capacities and find that 4GB cards work but 16 & 32GB cards dont work.  Sandisc cards of 16GB dont work so I suspect there may be an upper limit.

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    I have sen several posts that said a user's 32GB SDHC card worked. Don't remember the brand.


     Cheers, Tom


    Look at this Apple article. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3553 Says 32GB on computers. Doesn't mention iPads. Plug the card in your computer and do a get info. How is the card formatted - FAT 32?


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    I've successfully connected 32 gig SDHC and CF cards so if there is an upper limit, it's at least 32 gig.


    I know SDXC will not work.


    With the cards that don't work, have they been formatted correctly? the camera connection kit will only read cards holding images. (Well, it'll only see the images) And those images have to have a file name of exactly 8 characters (DSC_2342 for example) and they  have to be in a folder named DCIM.


    Anything else it wont' read.


    I put a photo on there called 'Christmas' and the connection kit won't see it. I put a photo on there in the DCIM folder named XMAS2342 it'll see that.


    So it's possible that those cards weren't read because they weren't speaking the right language.