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After "Restoring iTunes Library backup" it wont link to the files in the iTunes folder. I've followed the procedure as described, and the iTunes folder is in the correct location. iTunes lists all my music correctly (albeit with no artwork), but can't locate any of the files.

I've been restoring my iTunes folder from a backup hard drive to a new computer on which I've downloaded the latest iTunes (10.7). If this is a newer version than the one I backed up with could this be the problem? (I had the latest (to my knowledge) iTunes when I backed up the folder about 3 weeks ago, was this version 10.7?)

Or is the version of iTunes (within recent updates) not an issue when restoring a library?

Using Windows 7.


Any help please?

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    Was the media folder in a separate location from the library folder? If so the media folder should be restored to the same path or iTunes won't find the files. Try my FindTracks script. Select and test a couple of files first to see it if works as intended. If not post back some more details of what is where.



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    Many thanks for the reply,


    I am still stuck with a 20GB iTunes folder of Songs, Apps etc, that iTunes will not link to.


    I move the whole iTunes folder when backing up, and then transfer it with everything in it with nothing changed, back to the original location and path in Windows 7.

    All iTunes folders and library files are in the location that they were created in, not seperated or moved from their original location (C:\Users\UserName\Music\iTunes), which is the path set for the location of the iTunes folder in edit > preferences >advanced.

    iTunes lists everything in the folder but will not link to any of them.


    I have no idea how to use a "script".

    And this is a point. Do you have to be a computer genius to use iTunes for what should be a routine and simple task?

    Would it be too difficult when iTunes was installing that it paused to ask "Cant find link or folder, please browse for location." Therefore doing it at the install stage, so it would be all set up when you're finished


    Without doubt, iTunes is the most frustrating and user unfriendly program I have ever used. A total nightmare, and I despair when I have to reinstall it on any new laptop for my daughter.

    The last time it took me 4 days to have to manually restore the paths to each individual file.

    This could now take even longer than in the past.

    After recent updates, linking to a file in an album folder no longer links all the files in that folder to the associated album as it used to. For some reason now it will only link to each file individually, (annoyingly after it has asked to find the link to other related files, and then says it can't find the link!) My daughter now has far too many songs and apps etc, and I haven't got the time or inclination, to have to do this one file at a time.


    if I phoned the helpline would they possibly help?


    I am searching at the moment to see if any software exists (Apple has none) that can somehow automate this confounding task.


    Thanks again!


    P.S. An iPad was on the list of Christmas presents for my daughter, but there's no chance I'm going through all this again.

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    From the top of the page where the scripts live...


    The general method of use is to download the script to a folder of your choice, e.g. your Desktop, Downloads folder or create a folder at ...\iTunes\Scripts. Select a playlist or highlight some tracks in iTunes and then double-click on the script to execute it. If no specific tracks are selected the script will try to work with all tracks in the current playlist. Some scripts offer a choice of track by track confirmation of changes or fully automatic processing of the selection. Many of the scripts can optionally display a progress bar while running.


    You are strongly advised to backup your entire library, or at the very least the iTunes Library.itl file, before use. Test the behaviour of your chosen script on a small group of files first to make sure it does what you want before applying it to large numbers of files.


    Most builds of Windows will execute *.vbs scripts when you double-click them. If that doesn't happen then you might need to visit the Add/Remove Programs or Programs & Features control panel to enable the Windows Scripting Host. I can track down details if you have issues.


    Backing up and restoring data is an area that is often glossed over. Most people don't try to learn much about it until they've lost something important. (Me too )


    If your iTunes library was in the usual layout then normally copying the whole iTunes folder from the User's Music folder in the old computer to the User's Music folder in the new one will usually work fine. Ideally this is done before iTunes is installed so that there is no empty library to replace, and all settings are picked up from the old library. This post contains more details.