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I'm reading a lot about the iPhone 5 and I already bought it. But I'm Just wondering what it is so great and different about it from the 4S? I thought it would have atleast a fingerprint scanner. I know it wasn't true but still all they did different about the iPhone 5 was make the screen bigger, make a new charger, and the headphone jack on the bottom it looks nice, I mean now I need to buy new chargers. I don't like the jack on the bottom like if your phone is in your pocket and you're listening to music your phone is going to be upside down. The bigger screen is nicer but I'm not sure f I would go crazy over it. Well to end this off, the iPhone 5 was better before it actually came out.

iPhone 5, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Here are the major new features:


    - larger screen

    - faster processor

    - LTE

    - better low-light capability in the camera

    - thinner and lighter


    If none of those features are attractive to you, then by all means buy some other model of phone. If your expectations for this or any other new product are set by rumors, then you will almost always just be setting yourself up for disappointment.