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Has everyone at Apple out their heads in the sand and just hoping that all the issues with your crappy IOS6 will just magically go away? You are losing hundreds of customers each day but apparently don't care. What makes you think that we will continue to use your underwhelming IPhones when we are st risk of being charged $1000s in excess data usage by our Telocs.


You have a lot if work to do to get out of this one. Very disappointed Apple!

iOS 6
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    It is a concerted effort to make entitled habitual whiners that technology is completely wasted on have a mental melt down, and the faster the better.

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    Hi, thank you for your response and for allowing me to see the error of my ways.


    I received my first Apple product in 2005 and have since purchased many more. I have always been very pleased with each gadget and have never made a single complaint prior to the IOS6 update which now, apparently, makes me a habitual whiner.


    I wholeheartedly agree with you that the technology is wasted on me. I seem to not be able to appreciate the fact that due the substandard IOS6 update, I can no longer use my iPhone for the purpose in which intended. Many apps are crashing, my navigation is compromised and I am unable to confidently use my cellular data due to the risk of going over my data usage allowance which has already occurred. In one day, all while I was sleeping, my iPhone downloaded 8 or so Gb putting well over my 1.5gb allowance. The excess usage fees will be over $2,000. The telco has agreed to credit the charges this once but will not do it again. Therefore, my use of the cellular data is very minimal.


    So I will now accept that these definciencies  are actually  'features' and begin to enjoy my iPhone (with its' limited capacity) and free myself from this technology induced mental meltdown.


    Wow, I feel so much better already!

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    First of all, nobody from Apple posts here. This is a user to user forum.


    Provide your feedback to Apple at this link:




    Second, which steps have you taken to troubleshoot your phone? Here is the iPhone troubleshooting assistant page:




    We know nothing about what you have tried in the way of troubleshooting, so nobody can help you. In the future, remember that people are more likely to respond when you tell what steps you have taken to fix the problems you are having.

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    Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Use Cellular Data (OFF) - Automatic Downloads (OFF x3)


    Now quit your whining about an OS you didn't understand how to use in the first place.

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    Thanks, settings have always been off for automatic downloads. Only change made was updating to IOS6.....and I am not the only one!

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    I have bettert battery life than before iOS6 on my 4S... having had all the iPhones I had this issue back with iOS5... bad install is usually to blame... it is fixable...

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    Hi Leanne, thanks for the constructive advice. I have searched for recommendations on my issue but there is nothing specific on how to stop it from happening again. The best advice has been to reset the settings,  eliminate the apps suspected of causing  the data leakage, aka podcast app and switching off the iCloud back up for which I have done.


    I have had an iPhone for several years and am currently using an IPhone 4s which I have had for 1 year now. I have never even come close to my 1.5gb allowance. And my usage habits have not changed. The only change was the Update to IOS6 and shortly after the download of 8gb in a day occurred. There appears to have been a fix for Verizon customers but I have not heard anything further on this issue.


    My big concern is there is no guarantee that the data leakage will not happen again. Excess usage where I come from is very expensive and will go into the $1000s. I apologise for my whining but until there is a fix released for this issue, I cannt afford to run with the cellular data.


    Thanks again for your comment and recommendation.

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    Hi kbiz, I too have noticed better battery life...certainly a plus.


    You mentioned that the issue is fixable. Any advice how?