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My Iphone5 doesn't seem to be backing up automatically when conneced to wifi and locked.   It was backing up every few hours...now not backing up in over 24 hours unless i do it manually.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    It should be backing up once every day. 


    You need the iPhone plugged in a power source (if it's below a certain level), connected to wifi, and screen must be locked.  And for iPhones, wifi will turn off after a few seconds when placed in sleep mode unless the iPhone is connected to a power source.

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    Thanks.....I was aware of the fact that it works like you stated.   The problem is that it didn't backup again in 24 hours or after when plugged in as you stated..........First few days i had it was always backing up throughout the day.......I can backup manually.  it is also backed up on itunes.

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    My iPhone 5's will not auto backup to iCloud or iTunes.  My iPod Touch & iPad on iOS 5.1.1 all backup as expected.  My other iPod Touch that used to backup automatically hasn't backed up automatically since I upgraded it to iOS 6.  My Genius bar specialist said its a known issue to be fixed in an update, bit I can't find any Apple documents or support articles confirming it.  All of my iOS 6 iPhones backup manually just fine.