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JonYounger Level 1 (0 points)

According to site, my muting and screen rotation are tied together for some strange reason...was this a very recent update? Because until yesterday I did not have a problem.

The option to use slide bar for either mute or screen rotation is ridiculous...why are these two functions ties together??


Now, if I want audio on most of my apps and games I need to lock rotation??? When did this start?? I was playing games with audio and screen rotation up until yesterday afternoon...10/11/12

iPad, iOS 6
  • Diavonex Level 9 (66,545 points)

    Use the side switch to control rotation.


    Use the Mute in the Task Bar to control sound (double-click the Home button and swipe Task Bar to the right)

  • Kilgore-Trout Level 7 (30,667 points)

    You can set what function you want the side switch to control by going to the Settings app, selecting General and scrolling down to the Use Side Switch to:" section. It is likley that when you updated, it reverted the initial settings. Whichever the functions you do not assocaited with the switch is available in the in the tray.

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    My bad!! grandson must have locked the side switch when playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...lol

    All is well with the world again...

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    The functions are not tied together.


    You can select what function you want the external switch to control: rotation, or mute.


    Whichever function you assign to the external switch the other function is available via a software switch which can be displayed by double-clicking the Home button and swiping the displayed recent Apps tray to the right.

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    I am glad you got things under control again