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Running 10.6.8 on a MacPro early2008


Recently I've been upgrading a website created in "Freeway" app that uses JavaScript plug-ins.


Last time I used the app (mid September) everything worked fine. Now, a couple of the plug-ins refuse to work citing JavaScript errors.

I've replaced both plug-ins with fresh copies to no avail. Apart from one page, nothing has changed on the site (I've had JavaScript errors if I've entered values into plug-in dialogue boxes that are "out of range" etc but these are 'proper' JavaScript error messages)


I don't really understand how JavaScript operates; is there an install for it (that I can download and re-install?). I know there are frequently problems with JavaScript in browsers but this is before I get to the browser part of the websites - the app won't compile the site because of the JavaScript errors.


Also, I'm having problems with web browsers (Safari/Firefox) lagging. If I open a text heavy page, the content seems to display half a page then hang for a couple of seconds before completing the rest of the page (most noticeable on BB's like the forums in MacRumors). The problem is also noticeable when trying to playback embedded video clips. The clip can completely load before I try and play it back but still stutters every few seconds (as if it's downloading).


I don't know if the two items are linked or not (initially I thought the browser issue was more a QuickTime thing but not sure now with the pages only half loading.


Any help on JavaScript issues would be gratefully received as I'm struggling trying to complete this website in Freeway without being able to use the plug-in actions




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Mac OS X (10.6.8)