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I have  video heavy iba, It has 10 videos which come out to around 1.98gb. I believe the AppleStore will pass book validations up to 2 gigs per book?


I need to try to cut these videos down so for instance:


Video 1 is an m4v converted from an .mov in Quicktime 10 using the Export tab on QT 10 Format is set for Ipod touch Iphone 3GS ( the other format was 480p)


size of the m4v is 56.3 mb dimensions are 640 x 480


I did another conversion of the same video but this time used export for web


and got the file size down to 17.6 mb and those dimensions are 480 x 360


Really cant tell the difference when I tap to full screen so before I go ahead and convert each of the nine videos I want to make sure this is the correct way as I'm cutting down the file size by 2/3 which will get me underneath 1GB as I notice when I preview the book in my IPad it takes about 3 minutes to get me to preview the entire book at it's current size.


Any help?



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