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title is self explanatory XD, tho i dont have one yet, only a 4s, i think its a big investement, o im just wondering if i buy one, and i gets stolen and wiped to factory, can i track it or am i doomed???

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    You can't track it if the iPone has been restored to factorysettings.

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    Even if its not restored, your options are limited. If you set up 'find my phone' with icloud, prior to the phone being be lost, you can get a general location of it on a map, lock the device and do a remote wipe.


    Sometimes, it will be coverd by carrier, home or auto insurance. Otherwise, follow these guidlines:



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    My iphone was stolen when i track my iphone in icloud it is always offline. My iphone has password code to unlock the phone. it is possible that they can reformat/restore my iphone to sell to other? and also can i track my iphone even if it reformat/restored? need your advise what is the best thing to do to track my iphone?

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    icloud "find my device" only works when a device is connect to a network either data or wifi. if the device gets restored then you cant track it. yes a passcode lock protects you information, however a restore will get pass the lock screen, it will not have any information on it, but it can be used, so contact your carrier to disable the sim card. after a restore there is not a way to track it using icloud, so contact you local authority. they will need the serial number or imei. That can be found on the box, recipt, itunes backup, or if you registered the device.  so yes svenpwsc you are doomed if it is stolen, and HizuKa57 hope that helps.

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    so they can easily restore my iphone? even with a password lock.. i thought they need to go to authorized apple store to reformat or unlock the iphone 5? i thought apple has a high security on their product?

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    no apple does not block devices, or force you to go to a store. think about all the moms and dads that had to do a restore becasue little timmy put the code in too many times incorrectly, or beacuse someone changed their passcode lock and forgot the code. it happens, apple will support the iphone so it will be working again.......


    The passcode lock is the only setting you can place on a device, so no one can get in unless they know the code or you give it to them. but the restore would wipe all information, so everything would be lost, so the high security would be saving your info by deleting it so others cant get it. however as far as carrier, thats why you should suspend you cell service, bc apple cant block a sim card.

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    sim card is already block i just want to block the phone physically so that they cannot use the phone or they cannot sell it to anyone.. anyway if that the case i think there is nothing i can do i just thought that i can request to block the iphone or track aside from icloud by providing the IME of the phone or any serial number.. thanks anyway for the quick information highly appreciated..